Jim White Jewellery

Inspirational, affordable Jewellery, hand made in the Malvern Hills

Ihave always been fascinated by pattern and texture in my surroundings. This fascination was initially inspired by working with natural materials, from a young age, with my father. As I grew older I realized that any complex pattern, be it in music, surface texture on a piece of stone, the bark of a tree or more man made items, such as the stud work on a cathedral door, was an inspiration for further development.

This passion for pattern is particularly inspired by the organic, flowing, stylized, forms in Art Nouveau artwork, the more geometric order in Art Deco pieces, as well as the work of product designers such as Philippe Starck whilst working for Alessi. The relationship between transition from one surface to another and its textural feel is very important in my work.

My background is in Product Design and subsequently teaching. I come from a long line of woodworkers and cabinetmakers; my father taught boat building as well as woodwork in schools on the south coast. I started working with timber from a very young age and found particular interest in woodcarving, enjoying developing natural forms that complemented the natural grain of the timber. At school this interest continued, but I also found a new challenge working in metals.

After A levels I took a Product Design and Technology degree, which allowed me to explore silversmithing and jewellery as major options. I have been designing and making jewellery ever since.

I decided to go into teaching and have been delivering 3D Art and Design courses at 6th Form level for twenty five years which included jewellery making and silversmithing but I have decided to make a change, leave teaching full time and produce pieces for sale to a wider audience. A number of my students subsequently undertook Jewellery Design degrees and HNDs and are working in the industry as practising designer/jewellers.

For the past fifteen years I have lived and worked on the edge of the Malvern Hills. My work has a number of influences, most inspired by my love of natural forms and the countryside around me. In addition, other influences are wide ranging and include calligraphy, textiles and still life photography. I have been particularly influenced by early 8th-10th century Viking and Celtic art and how these were interpreted by late 19th century and early 20th century artists and my experience of working with natural materials as a wood carver.

Many of my pieces can therefore be seen to have Art Nouveau, or Art Deco, elements.  I like to contrast flowing lines with geometrical shapes, some quite traditional in spirit yet retaining a contemporary edge.

I enjoy working with a variety of materials, but particularly silver and bronze, for their warm, and tactile qualities.

All of my work is produced in my workshop by hand.

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Jim White draws inspiration from his workshop high on the Malvern Hills.
Custom pieces can be made to order and are surprisingly affordable.